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International dating service from the heart of European Union countries - Czech republic. Find and meet your Czech bride. Not like any 'mail order brides' but really honest women.

Flying Hearts, s.r.o. Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction. This Agreement is an English language legal document which sets out Flying Hearts members rights and obligations, and those of Flying Hearts, s.r.o. , a company registered in the Czech Republic under registration no. 26730359 and with VAT number CZ26730359 ("Flying Hearts, s.r.o.", "we" or "us"), in relation to this site and the services offered by Flying Hearts, s.r.o. through it (the "Flying Hearts Dating Service"). By registering for the Flying Hearts Dating Service, you agree to the terms of this Agreement, and you re-affirm that agreement every time you use it. You should be aware that this Agreement may change from time to time in accordance with Clause 20 below.

  2. Types of membership. People who register for the Flying Hearts Dating Service and pay the appropriate fee for the membrship become "Members". They must be at least 18 years of age.
    Memberships are valid for 2 callendar years. The period starts on the day of the membership purchase.During this time period, Flying Hearts undertakes the match making process with the member on a regular base or as often as required by the member. During this time period, member is able to come to Prague on agreed time and meet the women.

    (a) Bronze Membership - Weekend Traveler Euro 1100,-
    This service is designed for those clients who want to spend the weekend in Prague. It is scheduled up to 4 dates.

    (b) Silver Membership - 4-5 Day Traveler Euro 1900,-
    For those clients who want to stay in Prague 4 - 5 days. It is scheduled up to 7 dates.

    (c) Gold Membership - 7-10 Day Traveler Euro 2300,-
    This service is designed for those clients who can not travel in near future, we have developed a special service, which gives you an opportunity to communicate prior your arrival to Prague and meet the women of your dreams. We send you immediately the pictures and other information about the ladies who match your profile after you have joined the service. You will be receiving the updates about newly registered women for the period of 8 months. Once you have come to Prague for 7 - 10 days, the Long Term Membership lapses. It is scheduled up to 10 dates.

    (d) Platinum Membership - 1 Year Membership Euro 3900,-
    Platinum membership is designed for the extended time traveler or a frequent Prague visitor. You will get scheduled up to 20 dates. The dates can be divided into several visits of Prague during the period of one year. We send you immediately the pictures and other information about the ladies who match your profile after you have joined the service. You will be able to communicate with the women prior to your arrival to Prague. You will be receiving the updates about newly registered women for the period of 12 months.

  3. Important Note: Membership. If you decide to become a Member, and therefore pay our Full Membership fee, you are agreeing to take the Membership we make available to you promptly upon receipt of that fee. Cancellation of the membership and the refund is subject to the individual compromise between Flying Hearts, s.r.o. and its members. The membership can be transfered to another person and is valid for the remaining time period. If the membership is transfered, the unused meetings/contacts are transfered as well. If you wish to continue with Membership after the expiry when you have used all the meetings or contacts, we will enable you to do so or upgrade your membership, at our then-current terms and prices. But please note that we reserve the right to change the amount of the fee for Membership, the period which it covers, the services which it enables you to obtain and other factors from time to time. However, these changes, unless they are changes under Clause 8, or Clause 13 below, will not affect your then-current Membership. The Membership fee will be communicated to you when you sign up for Membership.

  4. Registration. You undertake to register for the Flying Hearts Dating Service using accurate and current information about yourself - including your correct name, address and any other requested details. If you are asked for, and provide, details of a credit, debit or charge card, you must ensure that (a) you are fully entitled to use that card, and (b) it has available funds sufficient to cover the charges which are deducted from it. As part of the registration process for the Flying Hearts Dating Service, you will receive a verification email, the purpose of which is to take reasonable steps to ensure that the email address you have nominated during registration is controlled by you. That email contains simple instructions which you must follow.

  5. Privacy policy. Flying Hearts Dating's privacy policy forms part of this Agreement, and by agreeing to this Agreement, you also give your consent to handle your personal data for the internal use of the Flying Hearts office and its affiliate partners. Flying Hearts and its affiliate partners will treat your personal information as confidential and not divulge it to anyone without your consent for any purpose other than providing introduction.

  6. Flying Hearts Dating's Role. Flying Hearts, s.r.o. provides an introduction service with a view to friendship and marriage. The service will be provided only between people who appear to be generally compatible from the information provided. Flying Hearts, s.r.o is a company registered in the Czech Republic and this agreement is subject to Czech laws. Flying Hearts, s.r.o. will take all steps to insure that your profile is reasonably compatible with the women introduced to you, but Flying Hearts, s.r.o. does not guarantee the compatibility. When selected the women, have regard to your filled profile form. Flying Hearts will make as many dates for you as the time allows when you come to Prague, but cannot guarantee how many women the member will meet. The meeting is defined as initial written request of man and the reciprocated interest of the woman.

  7. Additional services. Flying Hearts Dating Service or its affiliates may offer new or additional services through the Flying Hearts Dating Service from time to time. Your use of those services may be subject to additional terms and conditions, or rules of use, which you must comply with. Any failure by you to comply with a material provision of the terms or rules governing such additional services will amount to a breach of this Agreement and entitle us to terminate this Agreement with the member.

  8. Operation of Flying Hearts Dating Services. Flying Hearts Dating Services reserve the right to withdraw or modify one or more aspects of the Flying Hearts Dating Service where we have legal or technical reasons to do so, including (a) privacy, data protection or other legal objections to the content or conduct of the Flying Hearts Dating Service, and (b) technical difficulties experienced by Flying Hearts Dating or on the Internet.

  9. Fees. If paid for the selected membership by the credit card, the price for the service will be charged in the Czech currency (CZK) in the amount that corresponds with the daily exchange rate. The membership fee does not cover the expenditure for the hotel or travel. Price does not include VAT.

  10. Prohibitions. You are responsible for ensuring that no material you provide to Flying Hearts, s.r.o. will be capable of (a) infringing the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, (b) breaching any applicable law, whether criminal, tortious or otherwise, or (c) appearing to be offensive, threatening, abusive, discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, false, libellous, defamatory, unreliable or misleading.

  11. Alerting Flying Hearts Dating. If you see anything on the Flying Hearts Dating Service which appears to infringe this Agreement, then please contact us to inform us of it by emailing us.

  12. Withdrawal of material. Each Member acknowledges that we are entitled to withdraw any material on the Flying Hearts Dating Service which appears, whether based on information received from Members or others or our own determination, to be capable of breaching any part of this Agreement, or to bring the Flying Hearts Dating Service into disrepute.

  13. Disclaimer and Release. Flying Hearts Dating has no control over or responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any material available on the Flying Hearts Dating Service, whether provided by Members or others.
    - If any third party sites are linked to from the Flying Hearts Dating Service, this does not mean that we endorse or have any responsibility for the site in question or anything which appears on it.
    - Your use of the Flying Hearts Dating Service is entirely at your own risk.
    Accordingly, to the extent that the law permits, you release Flying Hearts Dating its directors, contractors and employees from all liability (including in relation to disputes with other Members) arising out of your use of a third party site or arising out of or in connection with the Flying Hearts Dating Service and the material included here by Members and other third parties.

  14. Intellectual Property. You acknowledge that all copyright, trade marks, and other intellectual property rights in and relating to the Flying Hearts Dating Service, other than material which is contributed by Members, are owned by Flying Hearts Dating. It is easy to copy material which appears on web-sites, but this does not mean it is legal. Therefore, no-one may copy, distribute, show in public or create any derivative work from the Flying Hearts Dating Service, or any of the material which is found on the Flying Hearts Dating Service, unless properly licensed to do so by (a) us, and (b) where material contributed by one or more Members is concerned, by the Member(s) in question.

    By submitting any material to the Flying Hearts Dating Service, you:
    - are representing that you are fully entitled to do so;
    - grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, non-terminable licence to copy, modify, distribute, show to the selected women considered to be the match and create derivative works from that material solely in the course of its processing and display on and through the Flying Heats Dating Service in accordance with this Agreement; and
    - authorise us to adapt the relevant material in the course of doing so, and so waive your moral rights to object to any derogatory treatment, or to be identified as the author, of the material in question..

  15. Excluded loss. We will not be liable to you or any third party for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for any loss of data, profit, revenue or business, howsoever caused (whether arising out of any negligence or breach of this Agreement or otherwise). Flying Hearts Dating will also not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations under this Agreement caused by matters beyond its reasonable control.

  16. Maximum liability. Without limiting the preceding Clause, during any period of one month, the aggregate liability of Flying Hearts Dating under this Agreement (whether arising in negligence or otherwise) will not under any circumstances exceed the greater of (b) an amount equal to the sums paid by you to us by way of Membership fees during the relevant period of one month, regardless of the cause or form of action.

  17. Non-excluded Liabilities. Nothing in this Agreement limits Flying Hearts Dating's liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, or any other liability which may not by law be excluded. Any statutory rights you may have as a consumer remain unaffected.

  18. Indemnity. You agree to indemnify us against all liabilities, claims and expenses that may arise from any breach of this Agreement by you or through a machine on which you access the Flying Hearts Dating Service.

  19. Assignment. We reserve the right to assign this Agreement, and to assign or subcontract any or all of our rights and obligations under this Agreement. You may not without the written consent of Flying Hearts Dating assign or dispose of this Agreement.

  20. Entire Agreement. This Agreement includes our Flying Hearts Dating Privacy Policy. Together they contain the whole of the agreement between us and you concerning the Flying Hearts Dating Service and they replace all earlier agreements and understandings with you, except for any fraud or fraudulent representation by either of us. A person who is not a party to this Agreement has no right under the Contracts to rely upon or enforce any term of this Agreement.

  21. Changes to this Agreement. Flying Hearts Dating reserves the right to change this Agreement from time to time, and post the new version on the Flying Hearts Service. When we do so, we will notify you of the fact that there are changed terms on the main screen [ or we will inform you via e-mail. ] The new version of these terms and conditions will take effect, and will govern all Flying Hearts Dating Services and your relationship with Flying Hearts Dating:
    - commencing four weeks after the date of posting (or such later date as Flying Hearts Dating indicates in the relevant posting), if any of the changes is to an operative provision of this Agreement which is capable of adversely affecting you; if you do not wish to be governed by the new version of the Agreement, you may notify us on or before the date when the new version of the Agreement is to take effect, and from that date you must cease to use the Flying Hearts Dating Service; or
    - immediately upon the date of posting (or such later date as Flying Hearts Dating indicates in the relevant posting), if the changes are not to operative provisions, or not capable of adversely affecting you - examples of which would include, without limitation, changes to one or more of Flying Hearts Dating's addresses or email addresses referred to in this Agreement.

  22. Severability. In the event that any term of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable by judicial decree or decision, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain valid and enforceable.

  23. Law. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.

  24. Keeping this Agreement. We don't separately file the individual Agreements entered into by Members when they register for the Flying Hearts Dating Service. You can access it at the English version of or at Please make a durable copy of this Agreement by printing and/or saving a downloaded copy on your own computer.

  25. Contact. You can contact us by email or by post at Flying Hearts, s.r.o., Na Poříčí 12, 110 00 Prague 1, Czch Repblic. Please make sure you include your email address with all correspondence.